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  • Warranty & Returns

    Warranty & Returns

    Once an order is placed, if the order has not yet entered into processing for picking, packing and shipping then the order may be cancelled if we receive the message before processing. Please use the contact page to contact us in this situation.

    All products are inspected prior to shipping for structural integrity and tested to ensure the product left our warehouse in top condition. We also do an inventory check of all accessories in the box and include this with your order signed by the person who shipped the product. Its our way to show you that we take every step possible to ensure you are very happy with your purchase of Wayflex.

    In the unlikely even that a fault or defect is discovered in the product when it arrives please let us know as soon as possible. In most cases we will arrange for a new product to be shipped out immediately, and will pay for the shipping of the faulty product back to us.

    Should the latex bands be extended further than the manufacture recommends which is 150cm or three times their normal resting length then it is possible that over time, this may lead to the band breaking or tearing or in rare cases snapping. If this happens to you then please let us know as we may be able to arrange for replacements bands at no cost if this is due to a manufacturing defect, or at a reasonable replacement price if this was a mistake/misunderstanding.

    When contacting us about a problem with the product its very helpful if you can also send us digital photos of the issue which is often easier than describing the problem. You can email these photos to Howard@wayflex.ro together with any return request/warranty requests or refund requests.

    The warranty is a return to base warranty, meaning that you will be responsible for shipping the product back to us – except in those rare cases where the product is deemed to be faulty on arrival. As we inspect the product before shipping as noted above, this is unlikely to happen but if it does – we will pay for shipping of the faulty product back to our base.